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Buy Dermotherap

The Dermotherap is a semi-automatic injector manufactured in Argentina. Like all other semi-automatic injectors the injection process is automatic whereas the skin puncture is manual. In other words the user needs to press the skin stabilizer on the skin to force the needle forward. It has two basic modes of function: continuous and predetermined dose injection. In the predetermined dose injection or pulse injection the mesogun can be adjusted to allow injection of three different doses. The DermoTherap is operated by a rechargeable battery, weighs about 450g and is able to accommodate 1cc, 3cc, 5cc and 10cc syringes. This injector is a nice upgrade from the manual technique decreasing both patient discomfort and practitioner fatigue. This mesogun also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warrantee.
Some other features of this mesogun are:

Buy Dermotherap

  • Less leakage between applications comparing to other semi-automatic injectors.
  • It has 3 programmed dose settings
  • It is very light (weights about 450 gr)
  • It is used in multiple aesthetic techniques
  • In the category of semi-automatic products, it is known as the best product in the market for its low cost and wide range of applications
  • It has Anmat, ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA and CE marks.


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