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Atri-Dermal is an extremely natural filler containing hyaluronic acid as a natural tissue restorer. It can improve skin elasticity and moisture as skin starts to lose its natural ability to make hyaluronic acid.

This visco-elastic, clear, colourless, isotonic, apyrogenic, sterile gel, also includes highly purified sodium hyaluronate of bioenzyme origin in a phosphate buffer solution. Produced in sterile glass syringes with a volume of 2.5 ml for single use.

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Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide. It is present in the skin and connective tissue. It is an indispensable structural component of the skin, it is contained mainly in the intercellular space. Hyaluronic acid is one of the few substances that are identical in all living organisms.

Tripeptide-5-peptide formed by three amino acid residues: aminoacetic acid, histidine and lysine. It penetrates well into the skin, activates the production of collagen and mucopolysaccharides of the skin, and also increases its elasticity. Activates fibroblasts, stimulates the recovery and regeneration of connective tissue and vascular wall. Strengthening the formation of endogenous TRP-beta (transforming growth factor beta), helps strengthen the skin and the disappearance of deep wrinkles.

Tetrapeptide-7-peptide, inhibitory activity of inflammatory mediators. Significantly reduces the synthesis of interleukins, especially interleukin 6, an anti-inflammatory cytokine, the production of which in the body over the years. It is able to optimize the ratio of cytokines in the body, helping to rejuvenate the skin.

Tetrapeptide-3 inhibits the activity of elastase and collagenase, excluding malfunctions during the formation of collagen and elastin.It shows pronounced antioxidant properties.


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